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· The Vallenata Legend Festival is the big celebration of the popular culture that takes place in Valledupar, Colombia - Includes general information ·


The Vallenata Legend Festival is the big celebration of the popular culture that takes place in Valledupar, capital of El Cesar department, at the last days of April, in the traditional dates: 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, by exception any other day that the authorities decide. It is defined as a contest that exists with the main objective of defend and disseminate the folkloric and popular expression known as Vallenata Music in its four expressions:  Paseo, Merengue, Puya and Son.

Forty years ago three persons thought that was about time to take actions to protect all the cultural and musical heritage and avoid its disappearance, they decide to create The Vallenata Legend Festival to recreate all the magic of a land where the myths, costumes and the linguistic and oral richness along the literature weave the lyrics and melodies of The Vallenato.

The national importance that the festival gained since its creation is important not just by the presence of the Colombian President and some of the members from different ministries in the opening acts every year but also by the unexpected success of the Vallenata music. More than 400 journalists representing approximately 200 communication media in the entire country and some international media participate of the event.

The Festival help to launch national or internationally the Colombian artists and songs the music ambassadors success arrived to Spain, France, Germany, United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Perú. At the end of December 1999, a group of children’s musicians directed by the ex-president of the Vallenata Legend Festival Foundation Consuelo Araújo Noguera (q.e.p.d) and the music teacher Andrés "El Turco" Gil, were part of the Christmas soirée at the White house nest to president Bill Clinton, whom later quoted its marvelous experience hearing the Vallenato Children’s during his visit to Cartagena (Colombia) in August 2000.
The most important record companies in the market in Colombia also are part of the Festival presenting mostly Vallenata music groups to entertain the public in the contests along the four days and nights of the Festival.


The Festival is characterized by tour contests:
- Typical Vallenata Music Group: in three categories (Professional, Amateur and Infants)
- Inedited Vallenata Song:  With its four varieties (Merengue, Paseo, Puya and Son)
- Piquería and Piloneras, are the representations of the Miracle Legend and Vallenata Legend in street theater way referring to the conversation between chimilas Indians, tupes and cariachiles and the catholic religion, after cruel confrontations with the Spanish army and through the resurrection of the victims of both sides the good power was recognized.
- Months before the Festival take place the paint contest to choose the promotional poster.

How to get to Valledupar

It is possible to get to Valledupar from the coast, Barranquilla or Santa Marta, by car or bus the travel takes approximately 4 hours. From Bogotá or Bucaramanga the trip by car or bus takes approximately 18 and 8 hours respectively.







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