Puerto Carreņo
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Puerto Carreņo is the capital city of Vichada department, Colombia - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Puerto Carreņo city - Vichada

Puerto Carreño is the capital of Vichada, is located at the intersection of rivers, close to Venezuela frontier; it is a benefit for commercial activities and freight.

The most important economic activities are the cattle farming, the fish, the agriculture and the mining industry. The predominant products are the savannah rice, cotton, manioc and banana.

Its climate is warm, the temperature is 28ºC, the raining season begins on April and finish on October.

It is possible to arrive to Puerto Carreño by air, land and river. Puerto Carreño aerodrome has regular flights to the rest of the departments. By land, if you travel from Bogotá to Villavicencio are three hours by the followinfg route: Villavicencio, Gaviotas, Tapob and 25 hours by El Burro route. By river, Primavera route and Puerto Gaitán are options to arrive.

Tourist attractions

El Tuparro National Natural Park

It was declared a reservation of the biosphere by the UNESCO.  There is a huge diversity of fauna, specially, birds, bambies and other local animals.  The beautiful landscapes are really impresive.  The most interesting places of the park are the rivers (Tuparro, Tuparrito, Caño Maipurés) and The Blue Lake.

It was created in 1970, during the first years of colony. In that place; there were only indigenous settlements as Los Guabitos, nowadays, they live on the park shores.

* It is advisable to visit it from December to February, since the roads are in good conditions. It has a landing strip for flighty planes.

Puerto Carreņo
Puerto Carreņo
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