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Tulua is a small city situated in the heart of Valle del Cauca department, Colombia - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Tuluá city - Valle del Cauca

Altitude: 973 m.a.s.l.
Distance from Cali: 97.1Km
Distance from Bogotá: 450 Km

Tuluá is a small city situated in the hearth of Valle del Cauca department, old settlement of the natives from Tolú, is well known as Villa de Céspedes. It was founded in 1963 by the Spanish captain Don Juan de Lemus.
Tuluá reflects in its daily life an intense commercial, social and cultural activity. Its economy depends on commerce, agriculture and cattle farming. It has numerous hotels, commercial centers, coliseums, banks, conventions centers and auditoriums, all that a modern and warm city can offer.


The climate in Tuluá is tropical; the average temperature is 26ºC to 28º C. The days are sunny and the nights are cool. Its weather is appropriated for planting lot of fruits and vegetables.

How to get

By land, it is possible to get through Panamericana highway; by sea getting to Buenaventura port, in the Pacific Ocean, and from there by paved road to Buga and then to Tuluá, it is also possible to get by ports of Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta, located in the Pacific Ocean, and from there by paved road to Tuluá; by plane through the airports: El Dorado (Bogota), Alfonso Bonilla Aragón (Cali), Matecaña (Pereira) and other nearby airports.

Tourist attractions

La Arenosa Waterfall in Mateguadua

It is located in Mateguadua, by road whose trip lasts 20 minutes from Juan Maria botanic garden. This place is appropriated for rappelling and rafting by Tuluá River to get to the botanic garden.

Juan María Céspedes Botanic Garden

They are 154 hectares, 130 of them are dedicated to the research and conservation. It has the biggest Bamboo’s seedbed of Latin America. It is an important place for birds and butterfly watching and so on.

It has five ecological paths, La Arenosa waterfall, Tuluá River with beach and beach volley court, camping zone, bonfires zone, rock climbing. It has a museum, an orchid’s collection, Heliconias exotic flowers collection

Chilicotte Lake

It is located in the urban area of the municipality between Sajona and Pueblo Nuevo neighborhoods, to the south-west of the city, it has wonderful dusks, and it is possible to watch a lot of white herons that nest on a tree placed in the middle of the lake. The lake is surrounded by a park, with paths and places to take a rest. It is very visited by couples and fishers.

Carlos Sarmiento Lora Park

It is located on the turnoff, south entrance to Tuluá. It has semi-Olympic pool with children plays, football fields, multiple courts, and indoor soccer, volleyball and basketball courts.

Churches and chapels

Chapel of San Carlos Mill

Its construction belongs to colonial epoch, is well conserved, has walls built in Bahareque (construction of houses made of interweaved sticks with canes and mud) and bricks floor. It is built on what it was the first sugar mill of San Carlos.

Chapel of Santo Aparecido

It is located in Tres Esquinas village, 10 minutes from the downtown. This destination forms part of the religious route of Holy Week. In the chapel, there is a cup sculpture that reflects the Christ descended of the Cross; this sculpture was found 105 years ago by a country woman from Tuluá and now is venerated by the miracles that granted to their believers.

Cultural events

The main festivities in Tuluá are:

  • Tulúa Fair is the best one of Colombia because of its crafts and agro industrial diversity.
  • Santa Cecilia Festivity is the musician’s Saint, has became a cultural attraction, is celebrated the week of November 24, with artists form the whole country and the meeting of students bands in honor to Hector Cedeño maestro, by his dedication to the Colombian music spreading.
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