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Guadalajara de Buga is a small city situated in the Valle del Cauca department, Colombia - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Guadalajara de Buga city - Valle del Cauca

Distance from Bogotá: 445 Km.
From Cali: 47 Km.

Guadalajara de Buga is a Colombian municipality of Valle del Cauca department. It got this name because the Guadalajara River crosses through (also named Las Piedras River) whose source begins in the medium part of the Cordillera Central.

It is located one hour from Cali, the capital of Valle del Cauca department. The city is known because it has a saint named El Cristo Milagroso.

In this city, there were initiated projects in favor of tourism, as the construction of the construction of the biggest amusement park in the world and the most important of Latin America. Vertigo Theme Park Buga is famous because it broke the record of having the largest and fastest roller-coaster of the world.

Historical area

It has a great architectonic and historical heritage formed by colonial churches, old houses. You will go across semi pedestrian streets of Buga, where you will find the Basilica of the Señor de Los Milagros, main place of pilgrimage.

Among the most important places to visit are: The Cathedral of San Pedro, Santo Domingo de Guzmán, San Antonio de Papua, Nuestra Señora del Carmen and San Francisco Chapel.
Other attractions are El Paraíso ranch, Museum of The Cane in Piedechinche ranch and Rayo museum in Roldadillo.

Tourist attractions

Among other attractions are: Laguna del Sonso(lagoon) and Las Hermosas Natural Park.

Laguna de Sonso (lagoon)

It is a natural reserve and center of environmental education; it is the ideal place for bird watching. It is located in the vicinity of Buga getting by the highway to Madroñal. It covers 2.045 hectares, 745 of them belong to Zona Lagunar and 1300 to the Zona Amortiguadora. In Laguna de Sonso, it is possible to have activities like sport and recreational fishing

Las Hermosas Natural Park

The park has several native flora species (forests) and fauna (mammals as the spectacle bear, deer, rabbits, etc), and numerous bird species and abundant varied fish.

Cultural events

  • National exhibition of Agriculture in July
  • Festibuga in August
  • Feasts of the Señor de Los Milagros  on September

Basílica del Señor de Los Milagros - Buga
La laguna de Sonso - Buga
Parque Natural de Las Hermosas - Buga
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