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Sincelejo, a city well know as the Capital of Savannah, in the department of Sucre, Colombia - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Sincelejo city - Sucre

Sincelejo, capital of Sucre, is surrounded by savannahs landscape, that’s why many people call it “Capital of Savannah”. It is the important commercial and livestock center of Colombian Coast. It is located a half hour away from golf of Morrosquillo.

It is also known as “Capital Cebuista de Colombia”. It was founded in 1535, where the zenús (native people) lived; is the most important agricultural place. Most of the territory is plain, has thermal ground with savannahs of plain Caribbean zones. Its main attractions are the”corralejas”, carried out every year in January.


The climate is hot; the average temperature varies from 15ºC to 17ºC, the low temperature is 19ºC and the highest one is 35ºC. During summers, the temperatures are low, especially in the morning and very hot in the afternoon. In the raining season, the weather is stable and has lower variations, due to the humidity.

Fiestas Corralejas de Sincelejo

It is a popular celebration, where there are fights in a bullring. Sincelejo has the most famous bullfightings of Colombia. It is carried out inside the corraleja (this word comes from farmyard), a place delimited by boxes for public. It is a tradition of Colombia Caribbean.

It is carried out on January from 16 to 21; they let the bulls one by one inside the bullrings, where there are not expert bullfighters, but a mass who fight in their way, being the main protagonists of the celebration. The importance of January 20 is due to the corralejas day is known as “Dulce Nombre Jesús”. Outside the bullring, the city has street parties, musicians in every place and different folkloric songs of the region.

In the parade “Veintenerito”, many children pass mounting sticks like horses, accompanied of some folkloric groups.

History of Corralejas

It goes back to Spanish culture spreading in America, where the bull was a sacred animal, represented the power and the strength. At the beginnings, it was only a way to teach Indians and blacks how to work with livestock and horses.

The first Sincelejo corralejas were on October 1845 in honor to San Francisco de Asís, and then in 1964 Sebastián Romero achieved to change the dates to January (his birthday date)

It is a inherit tradition. Nowadays, in Sincelejo corralejas - creole version of Hispanic fights – they let the bulls to the bullfighting fans that infuriate the bulls and then run. The most courageous is who let the animal come so close him and then he prevents the collision or the goring.

Corraleja without dead or injured people is considered bad corraleja and generates disappointment to the audience. However, the risk excites lovers of this feast, because of the brave animals in a full bullfight. At the end of performance, there is the award to the manhood because of the deed and some people give them some money.

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