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Piedecuesta is a municipality of Santander department, Colombia - 17 Km away from Bucaramanga - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Piedecuesta city - Santander

Piedecuesta is a municipality of Santander department, Colombia. It is located 17Km away from Bucaramanga, forming part of its metropolitan area.

Because of its location on the Oriental Mountain Range, Piedecuesta is a water producer municipality. There, 3 rivers origins: Oro, Hato and Mónaco and has 12 gullies.

The Piedecuesta´s economy depends on the agriculture. Its topography consists of high lands, where there are cultivations of maize, pea, wheat, onion, vegetables, arracacha, and some fruit trees. The low part is rich in sugar cane, maize, tobacco and banana. In the template zone, there are cultivations of yucca, cane and tobacco, basic products for the economy.

Tourist attractions

San Francisco Javier Temple

It is located on the south of the main park; it was built in 1849 in homage to San Francisco de Asís, saint of the parish that has his name. Its interior is built by two lateral naves forming a great cross and can hold up to thousand of faithful people in each Eucharist.

Hill of La Cantera

It is located on the west of the municipality. From there; it is possible to see the impressive valleys that surround the urban area. On the summit the statue of Conception virgin is placed. It is opening her arms and remains watchful and protective of the inhabitants.
Climbing this hill and participating of the Via-crucis is almost an obligation for believers during the Holy Week.

Canyon of Chicamocha

It is located 35 kilometers from Piedecuesta, on the road that go from Bucaramanga to the downtown. Its natural landscape seems a sculpture made by the most careful artist.

The canyon of Chicamocha´s landscape the picture of presentation of films, posters, leaflets, cards and pictures that talk about Santander.

Chapel of the Ermitaños Priests
The chapel of Ermitaños is located on the northeastern side of the municipality, on El Granadillo (vereda). At weekend, it is very crowded by the believers from the metropolitan area. There are two options to get to the summit: the first one is walking which represents a physical effort because the road is steep; the second option is taking a bus (it lasts 15 minutes).

Vereda Sevilla
The weather in this zone is cold, its average temperature is 12ºC, and this fact is favorable for mulberry cultivation that has become the support for industry of the natural juices in different regions of the country.

La Fantasía Zoo
It is located on road Bucaramanga-Piedecuesta, in Tablanca sector where the owners offers to tourists the possibility to see around 1.000 animals of 100 different species carried from Europe, Asia and Norte America.
Among the fauna, the most representative are the exotic birds, alos wild fauna as oncillas bears, snakes and toucans. Its installations consist of a restaurant, ice cream parlour and the most complete orchid’s nursery of Santander.

Cultural events

Summer Festival in Pescadero

It is taken place on January from 8 to 10 in Pescadero, a village located 20 kilometers away from the downtown.

The festival gets together to tourists from different regions of the country and forms other countries. They are three days of sportive competitions, fashion shows, orchestras’ presentations in scenery of natural landscape.

Holy Week

Piedecuesta is famous in the country because of the splendid way to organize the Whole Week; they are eight days when people remember the life, passion and dead of Jesus.

Everybody participates through the church and the municipal administration with its civil and cultural action. The Wednesday and Friday processions walk the streets. 32 apostolic groups participate carrying on their backs heavy statues, groups like Los Nazarenos, los Cirineos.

  • Week of the Piedecuestanidad from July 26 to 30
  • Cultural carnival, with participation of delegation of carnival of Barranquilla.
  • National Festival of Alfredo Camargo Theater in September.

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