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Barrancabermeja is a Port city on the Magdalena River, located in the Santander department, Colombia - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Barrancabermeja city - Santander

Altitude: 75.94 m.a.s.l.
Temperature: 27.6º C

Barrancabermeja is located in Santander department; it is a Magdalena River Port, considered capital of Magdalena Media region. It is the second best city of Santander. There, it is located the only “Oil Christ” of Colombia.

The economy depends of oil industry, where the head office of ECOPETROL is, the biggest refinery of Colombia. It was the witness of historical events as conquers arrival and oil fields discovery.

When you visit Barrancabermeja, you will be delighted by the landscapes, similar to paradises, the wonderful dusks and the livened up night life; you will feel at home because of the kind warm people, also the hotel infrastructure for every like and varied discotheques.

How to arrive

You can arrive to Barrancabermeja by land, by train and by river. For better reference, below we show the distances to different cities.

Bogotá 403 Km
Medellín 373 Km
Cali 710 Km
Barranquilla 587 Km
Santa Marta 498 Km
Tunja 405 Km
Manizales 408 Km
Bucaramanga 120 Km

Tourist attractions

Museo del Petróleo (Oil Museum)

It is located 15 minutes away from the town center, on the municipality road. It contains everything of oil industry and has valuable infrastructure and relics of hydrocarbon industry.

Paseo Yuma

It id located on the traditional “Avenida del Ferrocarril” is a beautiful zone, appropriated for taking photos close to the monuments of Lombana  who makes possible the fauna and flora history of Barrancabermeja, among them pumas, iguanas, herons, tortoises, Chigüiros, and so on.

Train trip

When you visit Barrancabermeja, the train trip in the children park is an unforgettable experience in Petrolero Port for visiting the city.

El Malecón (pier)

The pier invites you to have the best experiences in Jurassic Park. There, you will visit a natural park that combines Miramar marsh with works of art as dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs, brontosaurs and a gigantic iguana, all of them are made by hand with iron residues of oil industry.


Barrancabemeja has several clubs, where there are many attractions for a good entertainment, the main ones are:

San Silvestre Nautical Club: It is located in kilometer 5, road to El Llano municipality, the perfect place to practice basketball, micro football, swimming, nautical sports and sportive fish.

Infantas Club: It is located in the town center of Barrancabermeja. There are many swimming pools, dance floors, halls, restaurants, tennis courts, taverns, gyms and more. In this social center there are several dishes with different prices from $3.000 to $12.000.

San Silvestre Marsh

It is the most important natural reserve of Barrancabermeja, is located only 10 minutes away from the town center, and has easy access. It is considered a “heaven on earth” because of the advantages and is the best one of Colombia for practicing Nautical Ski. It is a water mirror with spectacular landscapes worthy of admiration.

Cultural Events

  • Festival of Tamboras ( March)
  • Festival of  Bands (April)
  • Festival of Vallenato(October)
  • Oil Festivals
Museo del Petróleo
Club Náutico San Silvestre
Club Infantas
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