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Calarca, a city located in the Andean zone of the Quindio department, Colombia - Ideal place for tourism adventure - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Calarcá city - Quíndio

Distance from Armenia: 4 Km.

Calarcá municipality is located in the Andean zone, at north it borders on Salento, at east Cajamarca and at west with Tebaida and Armenia.

Calarcá, the town of boss is the second most important of the department, it was founded in 1886. It is one of the pioneer municipalities in rural lodgings, the perfect place for adventure tourism sports as riding, paragliding, mountain bike, and kayaking on Barragán River.

The wonderful landscapes with all contrasts shows a natural environement with forests and gullies, characterized by cultivations of coffee, banana, citrus fruits and heliconias forming a coffee landscape. Many painters painted works of art inspired in its landscapes.


It has pleasant weather for visitors; the average is 20ºC and varies according the altitude, ranges from 4ºC and 20ºC. The humidity is 85%.

Tourist Attractions

Santo Domingo and Quindío rivers cross through Calaracá from north to south. It is a harworking, intellectual and coffee city, which win the hearth of everybody because of the kind people.

Botanic Garden of Quindío

In the urban area, there is a refuge of forest where is the Botanic Garden of Quíndio, world famous as Butterfly, the biggest butterfly-shaped structure in the world. Inside, there is 1200 kind of butterflies, an insect’s zoo – the most impressive is the one meter long ant-. It has natural forest with more than 600 species of plants and trees of 200 years and more.

Nowadays, there is a bird’s observation tower that has the function of lighting conductor, a lifting bridge, a furnished equipement and signposts along the paths. Many students visit this place in order to receive training about flora and regional ecology.


In the region, there are waterfalls as: San Rafael which is 50 metres high, Peñas Blancas 45 meters high and Quebradanegra the most beautiful one. It is located 13 Km away from the city and is 40 meters high, located to 13 Km from the city.
It is a city that captivates with its coffee, where the red sun of the llano has wonderfull dusks.

Cultural Events

National Coffee Festival

It is carried out on June with National Coffee Miss Election, the YIPAO parade consist on carts with pieces of luggage, animals, etc that go along the region roads.
The houses, decorated with organic material and painted with lime, have typical balconies, doors, windows and eaves.

Jardín Botánico
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