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Armenia a city located in the west region of Bogotá, in the coffee exe of the country, Colombia - It characterize for the National Fair of Coffee - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Armenia city - Quindío

Distance from Bogotá: 259 Km.

This city is placed to the west region of Bogotá, in the coffee exe of the country.  It was founded The 14 of October, 1889.

It is a mountainous place that comprehends high mountains, volcanos and profound valleys.  The natural and urban locations are excellent places to visit.  The city preserves the colonial architecture appart from the modern one.
Its economy depends on coffee.  This is the capital of coffee.

Many cultural events take place in Armenia.  Those reflect the population´s culture and traditions: The National Fair of Coffee, The Mancraftship and Industrial Fair during January.

Tourist places

Parque Nacional del Café

The National Park of The Coffee was founded in 1995.  It is located in the zone of Montenegro.  The Park presents traditions and culture linked to coffee.  It counts with ecological paths, various sculptures and symbols, and an indiginous cementery.  It also has plantations, bridges, parks and restaurants.
It is possible to arrive to the park by plane from Bogotá.

Parque Nacional de la Cultura Agropecuaria

This National Park, P.A.N.A.C.A., is placed in the zone of Quimbaya.  The thematic park shows the countryside life.  It has many other attractions that reflect the world of aviculture, porcines and other animals.

Parque de la Vida

This park is located in the centre of the city.  It is an ideal place for ecoturism thanks to its marvelous natural locations.  It has many paths through cascades and specific places for bird observations. 

It is possible to do nice walkings through wonderful roads, observing a diversity of animals like birds, reptiles and squirrels, appart from enjoing the quiet environment.

Parque los Fundadores

This park is very famous because of  The Monument of The Hacha.


Parque Nacional del Café
By: Daniela Planitzer
Parque de la Vida
Parque los Fundadores
By: Ricardo Pinzón
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