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Quibdo is located in one of the forest places of Colombia - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Quibdó city - Chocó

Quibdo, the capital of Chocó, is located in one of the forest places of Colombia. The zone characterizes by being one of the most raining zones in the world. Most of the populations are natives; the predominant economic activities are mining and the natural resources.

 Tourism in Quibdó

Among the touristy attractions in the city the main ones are the cathedral, located on the shores of Nilo River, City Hall, the Episcopal Palace, the claretiano monastery, the monument in honor to Cesar poet.

Thanks to characteristics like location, biodiversity, wonderful landscapes; it is one of the most interesting places to visit, since is appropriated for ecotourism, adventure tourism, historic tourism, ethnographic tourism, scientific tourism, etc.

It is very common to practice activities like motorboat trips in Atrato River, walkings by ecologic paths and visiting natural parks where it is possible to see varied fauna and flora, clear waters and wonderful landscapes in Ancandi, Bahia Solano and Nuqui.

Tutunendo, one of the natural places, is located to the north of Quibdó. It is the second rainy region in the World and a sylvan zone where there are many animals and vegetables. The best one is the rainforest for entering to the wonderful world of natural medicine of Choco.


It is possible to enjoy the typical food of Choco, mainly in patron saints day. In the festivity in honor to Santo Blanco, is possible to taste delicious dishes that contain fish and meats. Among the most popular dishes are rice with sausage, rice with cheese, cod, Atoyao, cheese soup and sancocho.

Cultural Events

One of the most popular events in Quibdó is the festivity of San Francisco. It has been celebrated since the fourth of October in 1648, in honor to San Francisco de Asís, seraphic saint. These celebrations take place in the main quarters. Many people consider that it is a festivity that join the pagan and divine.


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Fiesta de San Francisco
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