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Florencia a city with plenty forest and Andean jungle - It is located close to The Hacha River, Colombia - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Florencia city - Caquetá

This is the capital of Caquetá department which is located close to The Hacha River.  The landscapes present amazing dusks.  It contains several tourist natural places as The Fog Forest, panoramic views, natural roads and tunnels, and The Hacha River.

 How to arrive

 It is possible to arrive to Florencia - Caquetá by air, there are flights from Bogotá. By land, it is possible to arrive by South highway to Neiva and taking the road to Florencia in Altamira, the distance is approximately 585 Km.

Tourist attractions

La Selva de Florencia (Jungle)

It is a new natural park of Colombia, located in Central mountain chain; it enlarges towards La Miel and Saman Sur rivers. It was declared protected area in 2005. Nowadays it is considered one of the areas that contribute to the department development. It covers to Caldas.

They are beautiful places plenty of forest and Andean jungle. The park has a lot of water springs that make possible the electricity of the country. Its climate is warm and varies between 17 and 22 degrees.

The zone characterizes by having exuberant vegetation that makes that the abundant flora grows turning into a beautiful jungle. Other characteristic are the animals that live inside the park, there are 43 mammals, 14 of them are in danger of extinction, 231 birds and 85 amphibians’ species.

Clouds of Forests and Tunnels Vía Suaza

It is 45Km away from Florencia, its weather is cold, very typical of rainforest. It is a mountainous zone with dense vegetation. There are impressive landscapes and forests, great attractions, making it like a paradise.

The tunnel is an architecture construction that makes inhabitants and tourists will be interested in visiting it, since it is one of the largest tunnels of Colombia.

Hacha River

Hacha River is one of the places where it is possible to enjoy adventure, because there people can practice risks sports like rafting.

Los Petroglifos de El Encanto(Petroglyphs)

There are petroglyphs on the Caquetá shores, in Auracara and in Hacha River that borders Florencia city. They are engraved on El Encanto, the stone is 1.5 Km away from the town. The petroglyphs are engraved in two faces of the same rock; they are 16 meters long and one meter high.


This city preserves customs and gastronomy of Llanos Orientales. The most common dishes are el chiguiro, veal, and rice bread and milk derivatives. You can also enjoy the delicious mamonas and drinks.


Plaza de Florencia
Rio Hacha
Bosques de Niebla
Monumento los colonos
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