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Rionegro is a Colombian municipality located in the east subregion of Antioquía Department - Includes information of hotels and sites attractions.

Rionegro city - Antioquia

Rionegro is a municipality, located in the east subregion of Antioquía Department. Its official name is Santiago de Arma of Rionegro.

At north, it borders on Guarne and San Vicente municipalities, at east on Marinilla and El Carmen de Viboral municipalities, at south on La Ceja and at west on El Retiro and Medellín.

It was one of the most important cities during the independence, also the constitution of 1863 was written in this locality in the historical “Casa de La Convención, that’s why it is named Constitution of Rionegro.

According the DANE of census 2005, Rionegro has 101.046 inhabitants, being the sixth built-up urban area of Antioquia.

Its economy depends on the industry, the agriculture and the cattle farming. Nowadays, the tourism is one of the main sources of incomings of the region.

Tourist attractions

Cathedral of San Nicolás El Magno

It is located in La Libertad Park, Main Park of the city.

Museum house of the Convention

It is located on street 51 with Carrera 48. It was built in the 1780´s, has architecture adapted to Spanish model. The museum collection is heterogeneous: there are pictures of the old gallery of the Municipal Council, the historical files, conventional photographs, furniture, weapons and documents of other epochs. It is possible to appreciate the evolution of this artistic genre.

  • La Libertad Main Park
  • Museum of Religious Art; the crown of Simon Bolivar is the best attraction inside.
  • Calle de la Madera (street)
  • Tutucán
  • Los Osos Comfama of Rionegro Park
  • Mejía Bridge
  • Ricardo Rendón Bravo´s House: one of the most famous political cartoonists from Colombia, the first decades of XX century.
  • San Antonio de Pereira Park
  • San Francisco Church
  • Church of Jesus Nazareno
  • Equestrian Statue of General Jose Maria Cordova
  • Main Cemetery (where there are remains of important personages)

Museum of Santander Bank

In the museum, “Padres de la Iglesia” is a conserved series book, also the first books of accountancy, documents and furniture of Bank of Oriente (first bank that functioned in Rionegro).

Natural Attractions

  • Hill of Capiro (Santa Teresa and el Tapiro Veredas)
  • El Cerro Verde Ecological Zone (veredas: Yarumal, el Progreso and el Cerro)
  • The baths of Pereira gully (vereda: Ojo de Agua)
  • The baths of Cimarrona gully (vereda: Cimarrones)
  • Bridle path, in the veredas of Distrito Agrario, Tablazo and Tablacito.
  • Los Osos Confama Park
  • Tutucán


How to get

By land, from Medellín, it is possible to get to Rionegro municipality by three routes: The first one is from Las Palmas highway, located to the east of the city. The second one is by Medellín - Bogota highway, starting by the stretch from the limits between Medellín and Bello municipality. Santa Elena route is the last one, located to the center-east of the city (Buenos Aires neighborhood). The three routes are paved and let traffic 24 hours a day.

By plane, through Jose Maria Córdoba, is 10 minutes from the town of the municipality.

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